Saturday, July 31, 2010

Because I Don't Update My Other Blog (Distant Worlds)

I've been failing to update the soccer-blog that I co-write with a friend, so I figured, "What the hell, why not start another blog to not update?" Probably because my last attempt at a website got me in trouble with my high school, even though I had finished my matriculation. Although controversy is probably good for browser hits, that's not the sort of attention that I need. Nonetheless, I heretofore plunge into the psychotic world of blogging.

Although there is a temptation to write a backstory - my life until now - few people will ever read this and those that do will probably know me fairly well. There is also a temptation to write soccer tidbits because I waste so much of my life worrying about a bunch of young men kicking a ball around a field. But that is why I have the other blog. Thus, I am going to start midstream, tossing the reader into the chaotic maelstrom that is my over-exciting life. (That's sarcasm)

So for breakfast I had. . . just kidding. I don't think this will be a food-blog, despite my interest in cooking (FYI breakfast was a tomato-and-jalepeno-infused Western meatless omelette with mashed avacado on top - it was okay, not great).

Last night, Mary and I went to "Distant Worlds - music from Final Fantasy" at Wolf Trap. I enjoyed it - although I'm not certain that the live versions of orchestral songs that I have on iTunes really added anything. The vocalists were uninspired and I feel like the orchestra was paired down, which denied some of the pieces, particularly the second-encore "One-Winged Angel," their overwhelming effect. However, the music did conjure fond memories of the times I spent playing Final Fantasy games, mostly FFVII which I played while I had chicken pox in high school on the Playstation that my surreptitiously-kind brother had bought for me (out of gratitude, I did give him the chicken pox two weeks later, so I figure we're even). Although, when they played "Ronfarue," I did have to suppress the urge to fight a bunny with a knife.
Mary did not like the overt advertising that was taking place and was somewhere between entertained and horrified at the "cross-section of nerddom" that attended the event. I was hoping for more people in costume, but all we got was one Cloud, a White Mage and her date, a Red Mage. Oh, and someone dressed as Snow, whom I did not recognize, but Mary did and pointed him out. She's probably still embarrassed at recognizing him. Other than "Samba de Chocobo" (which she loves), she sat peacefully and said that she enjoyed it. I should feel lucky - she was far and away the slimmest and the only non-ridiculously dressed non-AZN girl there.